It is vital to create safe and thriving spaces in our community that celebrate history, culture, education. ACN holds events such as our annual Juneteenth Festival, a vigil on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a Back to School Bash celebrating our educators and students of color in Ankeny, as well as social gatherings and activities.


Join us on Saturday, June 17, 4-10 pm at the District at Prairie Trail, Ankeny!

Juneteenth is a celebration of American history. It marks the day when federal troops arrived in Texas to free all enslaved people, two and a half years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. Today, we celebrate Juneteenth by not only continuing to fight racism, but also by highlighting Black culture. This is our 3rd year celebrating in Ankeny, and we are expanding after a wonderful turnout at last year’s event. 

As our nation and local community prioritizes and invests in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, support of this event allows us all to take steps toward racial reconciliation. Participating in this Juneteenth celebration will help to build a bridge of awareness, acknowledgment, and acceptance that is needed both here in our community and across the country.

Community Gatherings

ACN hosts semi-monthly events and social opportunities that support our mission.  These events are vital in creating spaces for connection and community. There is never a charge for these events!

We have also gone to see Black Panther, had a visit from Santa, gone bowling and more! Check out the ACN Facebook page for any current activities! 


Back to School Bash

Each Fall, ACN hosts a Back to School Bash that honors educators and students of color and those educators that promote equity in the schools.  We hear directly from these important voices as well as provide a delicious meal and last year, a book donation to build home libraries. 

Martin Luther King Jr. Vigil

For several years, ACN has honored MLK Day by hosting a candle light vigil at the Ankeny library. We host community leaders that live by Dr. King’s values to share their stories and their talents. Please consider making this a part of how you celebrate MLK Day every year.